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  • First selection of 2017 shortfilms

    The teachers team of the Stop Motion Bau Master wants to congratulate the students / authors of the shortfilms: Tunning – Juan Vásquez, Gaspare Savio lo Vacco, Ferran Viura y Giovanni Aguilar. From the same thread – Antonia Piña, Lorène Friesenbichler, Phaedra Derizioti y Rucha Dhayarkar (2017) Chair – Cristal Buemi y Ludwig Camarillo (2016) For being selected in the Emerging Talent category of the Stop Motion Montreal Festival. With this selection, the shortfilms from 2017 edition, Tunning and From the same thread open the list of screenings in festivals, than hopefully will be long.  And the shortfilm, Chair confirm its succes with this last selection. As university, BAU Design College of […]

  • Students master internship in Citoplasmas Stop Motion

    The Stop Motion Bau Animation Master is happy to annouce that some of its students are doing an internship in the stopmotion production company Citoplasmas. They are working in an educational project, and here you have some photos of the process:  

  • Making a shortfilm in the Master of Stop Motion Animation at BAU

    The process of doing a shortfilm in the Master of Stop Motion Animation in BAU is always very interesting. Finding the right story is really hard, especially when you work in a group. Everybody has many ideas and it’s necessary to compromise and make choices that are functional for the whole team. Once you agree on the concept and the storyboard, the designing and building of the set and puppets begin. Adapting the material to your story or the other way around gives you new ideas for the construction. When you start animating you know you will have unexpected […]

  • Graduation films selections update

    Thanks to all the people who accompanied us yesterday,  in the Stop motion Graduation Films Show. Students, teachers, animation professionals and festival programmers enjoyed an eclectic selection of stop motion shortfilms. Volume puppets, glass painting, objects or pixilation,  a lot of techniques showed us how rich is animation language. Besides, the wide range of “imaginariums” were a good reflection of different author’s nationalities. In this selection we had the oportunity to see two films selected in very important animation festivals around the world, as Animamundi, Stop Motion Montreal, Animac and the New York Independent Film […]

  • Bau Graduation stopmotion films Screening

      To celebrate the 4th edition of Stopmotion Animation Bau Master Degree, we will be screening graduation shortfilms from the first year until now. It will be tomorrow, 28th June at 8 p.m. The authors will be presenting their films and showing their puppets, and it will be a good oportunity to discuss with them and with the teachers. You are all invited! (Free entrance 😉

  • Character Construction Workshop

    The students from Stop Motion Bau Master just finished their workshop in Character Construction. The course started with teacher Jordi Grangel from Grangel Studio , who taught the students how to work on the functionality of their characters, the different features and details of each one, and the viability to construct them. After this first Design phase, they proceeded to work on the construction with teacher Eduard Puertas, from Citoplasmas. With Eduard, the class learned some basic and efficient techniques to build a puppet. Finally, teacher and costume designer Anna Isaichina showed them different ways to do the clothes and accessories […]

  • The feeling about the lost spaces

    The final project of our students Clauda, Nora and Mohamed starts looking so great. The shortfilm hasn’t oficial title but we know that is exploring the concept about the lost spaces. It’s so encouraging when all the ideas of their shortfilm being formalized and realized, all of us feel the atmosphere! Here you can see an approach about the lighting and some tests. Also you can see our new sets! The lighting set for the Stop Motion Animation Master that the school BAU has inaugurated this year.  

  • Así fue el Workshop y la Masterclass de Thiago Calçado.

    El día 16 de febrero de 2017 será un día para recordar, por primera vez en la historia de Bau, el aforo del Espacio Polivalente  se llenó hasta la bandera en una conferencia. Y no era para menos, la Masterclass de Thiago Calçado no decepcionó a nadie y el espacio se lleno con cerca de 300 asistentes. Esta fue es la foto de família oficial que nos hicimos al finalizar. La masterclass se celebró como conclusión al Workshop que Thiago realizó este año en el Master en Animación Stop Motion de Bau, en el cual […]

  • Masterclass “Del diseño a la pantalla”. A cargo de Carlos Grangel, Ian Mackinnon y Barry Purves

    Este año el Máster en Animación Stop Motion de Bau Centro Universitario de Diseño une sus fuerzas con Animac en la presentación de su programación. El Master en Animación en Stop Motion de Bau Centro Universitario de diseño es la única formación en toda Europa que cuenta con una titulación universitaria especializada en dicho ámbito. En su cuarta edición y como refuerzo a las clases de creación de personajes, la dirección del máster ha decidido ofrecer dos clases en abierto una en Barcelona (día24) y otra en Madrid (día25). La masterclass de Barcelona ” Del […]

  • Thiago Calçado, animador de “Kubo” realizará una Masterclass en BAU

    En la presente edición del Máster en Animación Stop Motion, Thiago Calçado entra a formar parte del equipo de profesorado realizando un workshop sobre la animación y acting con personajes.  Aprovechando su estancia en BAU Centro Universitario de Diseño, también realizará una Masterclass en abierto para todo el público dónde nos explicará su proceso creativo y su experiencia en una de las últimas películas en las que ha colaborado como animador, “Kubo and the Two Strings”, película  ganadora del Bafta a la mejor película de animación y nominada al Oscar en la presente edición. La […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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