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  • Two student shortfilms in process!

    It’s been hard work this last months for our students here in Master in Stop Motion Animation BAU. The two teams have been developing a story, designing characters and sets, buildings puppets and getting everything ready to animate their short film projects! Here we give you a little sneak peek: Unraveled  “A young woman relives a painful memory with her mother and wishes she could go back to say the things she left unsaid.” Created by students: Arden Colley, Asil Atay, Isabel Wiegand and Kellie Fay. Florian “Every day, a man must complete a strange and difficult ritual […]

  • Music Video from BAU students nominated for LAUS Award !

    Music video made by our students at Master Stop Motion animation BAU is selected for LAUS Awards 2019 ! This project was the result of a workshop in sand animation, directed by the talented filmmaker Abi Feijó. He taught our students the different approaches to this stop motion technique, and how to explore the possibilities working with music. We wish them good luck and congratulations on this nomination in the Master and Postgraduate cathegory! Students: Alicia Velasco Roche Arden Meredith Harsch Colley Asil Güngör Atay Aya Zebian Caroline Gonzalez Santos Cristina Dezi Elizabeth Camille Rodríguez […]

  • Shortfilm “Tuning” available online

    After approximately 6 months of work, in June 2017, the stop motion shortfilm “Tuning” was presented as the final project for the Master in Stop Motion Animation at BAU University, from students Gaspare Savio Lo Vacco, Juan Vásquez, Ferran Viura and Giovanni Aguilar. It was very hard but interesting work, as it was the result of the creativity of 4 students from different countries, with different cultures and artistic backgrounds. The first screening of Tuning was as StopMotion Montreal Festival as part of the official selection, in September 2017. After that, the film has been selected in many […]

  • Shortfilm “From the same thread” available Online!

    After two years travelling around Festivals, the shortfilm made in the Master Stop Motion 2017 edition, by students Rucha Dhayarkar, Antonia Piña, Lorène Friesenbichler y Phaedra Derizioti is already available to watch online. During this time, “From the same Thread” has been participating in different festivals around the world.  The first screening was at Stop Motion Festival Montreal as part of the official selection in September 2017. After this, the shortfilm started travelling to different events such as StopTrik Festival (Slovenia), Balkanima European Animated Film (Serbian), Thessaloniki Animation Festival (Greece), Animasivo (Mexico), Animac (Spain), Mecal (Spain), La Truca (Colombia), Japan […]

  • Workshop Caroline Leaf at BAU

    November last year, our edition of students in Master Stop Motion at BAU had the chance to meet and learn from well known international animator, Caroline Leaf. Leaf, American filmmaker and animator has been nominated for an Oscars in 1976 for her film “The Street”, awarded second best animation film of all times by The Olympiad of Animation in 1984. She has also been recognized by her adaptation to Franz Kafka’s story, “The Metamorphosis of Mr. Samsa” (1977), o “Two sisters” (1990) which won best shortfilm at Internacional Animation Festival of Annecy. We can easily identify the […]

  • Final Exam for our students

    Last week, Thursday 21st June, the students from Master in Stop Motion presented their final exam at BAU. During the exam, the students showed their animation short films to the jury;  Cristal Buemi, director and animator, Carlos Bleycher, animation screenwriter, and Lula Gómez, director and animator. Our class has been working on their final projects for several months now, and today they successfully close this phase, delivering two stop motion shortfilms: “The Survival of the Sexiest”, by Shirel Lebovich, Anna Melnikova and Marina Cortón Botella, and “Recóndito”, by Fadi El-Samra, Sergio Andrés Gonzales, Yohan Orewa and Camilo Manosalvas. The jury was able to hear […]

  • Our Teachers of the Master in Annecy Festival

    Just like last year, Citoplasmas Stop Motion studio will participate in the Annecy Animation Festival 2019.   Citoplasmas, formed by two of our teacher of the Master in Stop Motion of BAU, Irene Iborra y Eduard Puertas, will be a part of MIFA (International Animation Market in Annecy), where they will be showing their work in animation and with kinetic armatures. If you are at Annecy next week and you want to know more about the Master in Stop Motion, you can find them in their stand 4.C07 from June 12 to 15. With them, two former students of the master, Cristal Buemi and […]

  • Short film of BAU in Cannes!

    Last week, two of our former students attended the Cannes Film Festival to present their short film, produced at the Stop Motion Master, “From the same Thread”. For the first time this year, ANNY – Animation Nights New York – had selected 20 short films from its animation programming to be a part of the Shortfilm Corner at Cannes. This initiative’s goal is to bring more animation to the festival, motivating the audience to attend screenings with very diverse techniques and topics. At the same time, this collaboration allows animators and filmmakers from all over the world […]

  • Final Projects of Master Stop Motion began!

    Our students from the Stop Motion Master have begun to work on their final projects, which will be two animated shortfilms with a technique and thematic of their choice. Here we see them in action! Over the past month, each group of students have developed a story for their film. With guidelines from our teachers in the Master, they arrived to a solid script and storyboard. This will help them plan the production steps properly.     During the following weeks, they will be ending the Character design stage, and building the scenery located in […]

  • “From The Same Thread”, produced during StopMotion Master BAU, is going to Cannes Festival 2018

    We have great news! We just got confirmation that “From the Same Thread”, shortfilm produced during the last edition of Stop Motion Animation Master in BAU, will participate in Cannes Festival 2018. The short film will be screened at “The Cannes Short Film Corner”, a non-competitive section, thanks to ANNY Animation Nights New York, event where it will also be a part of. Aquí podeis ver toda la programación de la sección de animación del Festival. This is, without a doubt, a great opportunity for the directors, who will attend the event from May 14 to 19. […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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